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Beastwars – Tower of Skulls

By on Friday November 16 2012 in Art, Events, Music, News, Video

Director Simon Ward’s lo-fi, sci-fi psychedelia set to the dark jams of Beastwars. See the band live at their upcoming gigs in Auckland on 17 Nov, Wellington on 23 Nov and the same day as ALC’s ramp jamage in New Plymouth on 24 Nov. They’ll also… More ›

Music Haze: Snakes of Iron—Scavengers

By on Thursday April 19 2012 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

Two years since they released their self-titled debut EP, Auckland’s grotty metal and hardcore sons Snakes of Iron return with their new digital EP, Scavengers. Somewhat of a supergroup (but let’s be honest, they’d hate the moniker) the band is comprised of former members of The Have,… More ›

Revocation: Chaos of Forms

By on Friday September 16 2011 in Music, Music Haze

Revocation’s new release is a mind-boggling blend of complex riffs,  jazzy breakdowns and vintage 80s flourishes; all embellished with a technical progressive finish. Chaos of Forms is, quite simply, one of the best technical thrash albums you’ll ever hear. Drawing inspiration from across the music… More ›

TOMBS: Path Of Totality

By on Friday August 26 2011 in Music, Music Haze

Tombs produce a sort of sonically dense post-metal that harnesses the grimiest and most gothic attributes of post-punk and blends it with an intense, almost overwhelming torrent of corrosive avant-garde metal. Lauded on their debut for their innovative mix of Swans-like tonality and Neurosis progressiveness,… More ›