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ALC Apparel: A Lost Cause, Part 2

By on Monday December 19 2016 in Exclusive, Skateboarding, Video

ALC Apparel and Eyewear are back with part two of their notoriously heavy video, A Lost Cause – as seen in the ‘A Lost Highway’ photo story in Issue #64 – featuring their extended family, consisting of James Huntley, Maluai Palakua, Karl Truell, Adam Kinsman, Shibby Strofer, Matt Sole… More ›

Dead (2010) – Retrospective

By on Friday July 24 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

For those of you who thought this piece of Wellington skateboarding memorabilia had been forgotten, rest assured it hasn’t, and we couldn’t be more happy about stumbling across it again, or should we say, for Kit Stevenson posting it online again. Dead, released in 2010, featuring the likes… More ›

Greenbelt .01-.03 Full Video

By on Monday June 15 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

Wellington’s skate scene had a productive year in 2014, with Luke Browne and Jack Fagan at hand to document a big part of it through their short web series, Greenbelt. You might have seen the individual releases, but nothing beats watching all three parts uninterrupted. More ›

Geoff Campbell Montage

By on Wednesday July 30 2014 in News, Skateboarding, Video

More quality from Geoff Campbell Featuring: Matt Cheeney, Callum Paul, Tom Snape, Kent Edgeworth, Jeremy Corea, Bryce Golder, Aussie D, Dane Burman, Mat Kinsman, Arthur Kay, Sam George, Tim Williams, Matt Reilly, Ed Duff, Louie Lopez, Matt Beck, Beau Reid, Jason Rainbird, Rex Maloney, Max… More ›

Video Trailer

By on Tuesday January 21 2014

Jase Morice has just put this trailer out, it’s mysterious to say the least. A message from Shaun Graham said it could have some skating or it might just be a half hour of male nudity. We’ll have to wait and see. More ›

Grilled: Karl Truell

By on Wednesday December 11 2013 in Exclusive, Grilled, Skateboarding

Words from a jolly Karl Truell, reeling after landing himself on the cover of Manual #52. How does it feel to have your first cover? It feels great, many shots were sank last night! It’s not my first cover though, I had one about eight… More ›

Manual #52 Out Now

By on Tuesday December 10 2013 in Exclusive

Manual 52 is out now! Available in all the best skate shops, click here for a stockist list. You can also get Manual from our online shop here, or go one better and subscribe! If you want to get the mag on your phone, computer… More ›