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Straw Talk

By on Thursday April 6 2017 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Straw Talk from Tully West on Vimeo. New clips, new clips. This time from Melbourne filmer Tully West featuring Cade Wilson-Russ, Bryce Golder, Jeremy Corea, Elijah Robertson, Hootie Andrewes, Jack Fagan (breaking rails), LP Nuku, Digby Luxton, Max Couling, Jack Dargan, Isaac Matz, Arthur Kay… More ›

Geoff Campbell Montage

By on Wednesday July 30 2014 in News, Skateboarding, Video

More quality from Geoff Campbell Featuring: Matt Cheeney, Callum Paul, Tom Snape, Kent Edgeworth, Jeremy Corea, Bryce Golder, Aussie D, Dane Burman, Mat Kinsman, Arthur Kay, Sam George, Tim Williams, Matt Reilly, Ed Duff, Louie Lopez, Matt Beck, Beau Reid, Jason Rainbird, Rex Maloney, Max… More ›

NTVX Montage

By on Wednesday May 7 2014 in Skateboarding, Video

Filmed and edited by Nathan Tonkin for NTVX Stars Christian Low, Justice Reid, Severin Von Ow, Yuta Tanaka, Aaron Lister, Corey Leso, Mitchell Howse, Steve Kelly, Tas Pappas, Jeremy Corea, Mike Martin and George Rowe. Additional filming Stuart Fogarty. More ›

Arvo Loco with Bryce Golder

By on Thursday December 19 2013 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Bryce Golder was turned pro by Habitat Skateboards’ international wing around this time last year. We all knew it was well-overdue, but it is still so rad to see such a possessed skate rat located here in Oz being given the ultimate thumbs up from… More ›