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Louie Knuxx Interview

By on Monday July 3 2017 in Exclusive, From The Mag, Music

Louie Knuxx’s new album is good. Like, really good. To be honest I kind of thought he’d never put it out. It’s been over seven years since his last album, Wasted Youth. That record received all sorts of praise and, after being offered a management… More ›

Music Haze: Skewby—More or Less

By on Thursday October 27 2011 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

Written by Theo Sangster. I think there might be a new class-of-2011 school of hip hop coming through. The likes of Mac Miller, Phonte, and our very own David Dallas, are spitting out some pretty intelligent curve ball rap (think early Kanye), and it is… More ›