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2016 Acid Invitational Highlights

By on Thursday November 3 2016 in Events, Skateboarding, Video

Highlights from the second annual Acid Invitational, which took place at Hamilton a few weekends back. Featuring Kadin Elliot, Nolan Ewart, Shaun Boucher, Dan Kasper, Chris Wood, Chad Hope, Josh Wilson, Garth Urquhart, Josh Campbell and more. See photos from the invitational here. More ›

2015 Burton Rail Days Highlights

By on Wednesday November 18 2015 in Snowboarding, Video

The 2015 Burton Rail Days jam had all the unexpected upsets and highlights you’d expect from one of the world’s biggest street snowboarding competitions. When the confetti settled it was Darcy Sharpe in 1st, followed by Alex Andrews in 2nd and last year’s champion, Zach… More ›