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“the fat kid”

By on Friday March 3 2017 in Skateboarding, Video

Nine out of ten times when Will Strobeck releases a video, the skateboarding world stops and watches in awe; his latest should be no different, especially with a lineup featuring Mark Gonzales, Jake Johnson, Alex Olson, Stefan Janoski, Tim O’Connor, Reese Forbes, Jason Dill, Fred… More ›

Rose is the Apple of My Eye

By on Wednesday July 20 2016 in Skateboarding, Video

In the new mini-documentary, Rose is the Apple of My Eye, directed by NYC-based photographer Pep Kim, Aaron Herrington gets put in the spotlight; depicting his appreciation for skateboarding, how he goes about selecting spots in New York City and his signage with Polar Skateboards. The five-minute-clip… More ›


By on Tuesday January 8 2013 in Skateboarding, Video

Richard Quintero‘s first cut for the New Year featuring Bjorn Johnston alongside Adrian Vega, Aaron Herrington, Brian Delatorre, Curtis Rapp, Frecks Billy Mcfeely, Danny fuenzalida, Keith Denley, Alex Olson, Richard Angelides, Austyn Gillette, Joel Meinholz and Anthony Pappalardo skating in New York. More ›

Circle Board

By on Saturday November 7 2009

What’s better than 1 skateboard? 9 skateboards!!!. Anthony Pappalardo rides (with limited success) this invention by Mark Gonzales in New York. More ›