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Published in September 2008.

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Ninja VS Warrior
The ABC/Expertise Invasion Tour

It all started earlier this year with loose talks from Simon Locket (AKA Rocket Man, Big Locks) about bringing a couple of dudes from Japan down to NZ for a slice of Kiwiana pie – and a couple of steak and cheese ones, too. As the tour got closer to happening the intensity of the mission increased in size and coolness: it grew from a couple of dudes to the whole Expertise team (the Japanese company Simon rides for) plus a filmer, making it a massive crew. Add to this two more filmers from NZ, two photographers, the entire ABC posse and a couple of tour jumpers, and we were looking at a gang of 20-plus dudes. Coordinating this thing was going to be a task in itself.
One week before D-Day the ABC team took a bit of a blow with young master Bjizza (Bjorn Johnston) sustaining a suspected torn ACL, potentially putting him out of any type of heavy skate activity for the next four to six months! Luckily that was not the case, but he was still out for a month at least, and not able to skate on the tour.
Aside from that, this was going to be one of the better trips I had been on. With an assortment of nationalities – the Expertise crew was made up of Kiwi Lockett, Canadian Trevor Houlihan, Brazilian Andre Ogawa, Peruvian brother Carlos Chinen and Japanese masters Hirotoshi Kawabuchi, Kota Ikeda, Naohiro Abe, Tomokazu Wura and filmer Takahiro Kawaguchi. One Indonesian Muslim and a few true blue hori Kiwis made up the ABC Cuzzie crew: Farhad Mohamed, Joe Whaanga, Alec Paul, Toby Locke, the injured Bjorn (AKA Tour Mascot) and yours truly, poppa bear, Chey “Shane, No-Pop-Left-In-His-Legs” Atari.
This made for a kind of United Nations tour – some mad translators and a serious tour guide were going to be needed! Nevertheless once everyone had landed in Auckland after a 20-something hour flight, and just as Simon predicted, a compulsory Vic Park session was on, only hours after the Jap heads had passed through customs. Once they had sorted their skate outfits, some wicked flat-ground and ledge wizardry got thrown down in front the locals’ eyes; WOW was all I could say… Some crazy shit was bound to go down on tour. | Chey Ataria


Alec Paul, switch ollie, Napier
Alec is such a priceless character. He’s the guy who wakes up rain or shine, hung or sober, injured or fresh, and makes it happen, day in and day out. This trick was so sick to see live. ‘Al Genius’ has definitely got one of the steeziest switch ollies in the game. | Trevor Houlihan


Naohiro Abe, switch frontside shove-it, Wellington
Naohiro had some pretty sweet English, so he quickly took to spitting slang – “Chur bo, hard out!” Fresh off the plane cuz put down an ill line at the Auckland Art Gallery, mad video easy and steezy. He was also responsible for the most epic trick after-party I’ve ever seen. It was like a carnival at Majestic for at least ten minutes when he landed this switch shove-it; dudes were dancing, there were balloons, confetti and hand slaps aplenty, even a live band and some cake after. | Joseph Whaanga


Chey Ataria, boardslide, Napier
I remember skating at this spot with Chey all the way back in 1992, and it felt crazy sitting back at the same spot where we’d first really skated together 16 years ago. Many things have changed over the years – we both have wives and kids now – but one thing never changes, and that’s Chey’s skateboarding. I love his style and how he holds himself as a person. He’s truly one of my favourite skateboarders of all time, and in my 22 years of skating I’ve seen a few. | Simon Lockett


Kota Ikeda, hurricane, Wellington
18 year-old Kota is a cool kid, and the youngest in the Japanese group. Sprained ankle and extremely cold and windy weather aside, he still managed to pull out this clean and stylish frontside hurricane on the ghetto Wellington barrier. | Farhad Mohamed


Simon Lockett, double flip, Wellington
When Simon first told me of this outlandish trip to the pacific that he was planning with his Ninja crew I was surprised by its scope. The idea of 20-odd guys from different backgrounds all travelling together, dealing with language barriers and the contrasting traditions seemed daunting. This didn’t faze Simon whatsoever, having overcome those hurdles while becoming a pro skateboarder in Japan, then starting a family and a business. He was at home in such situations, being the go-between for the teams, exchanging ideas, and forming the bond that made this trip so successful. But it wasn’t until his last night on the trip that Simon found his way to centre stage, getting this trick on a classic Wellington spot that harks back to his younger years back at home. | David Read


Dave North, stalefish, Wellington
A fine gentleman from Northern Ireland moves to the west coast of New Zealand’s south island, meets a girl (Lisa) and settles down. He then builds a skateboard factory in the backwaters of rural New Zealand. Years go by. Ex-pat Kiwi (Simon) phones up and asks him to start producing boards for a new Japanese company (Expertise). Stranger things have happened. One thing that’s not bizarre is Dave’s ability in the air, perfect instructions for use. | David Read

The Expertise team wanted to tour somewhere… It’s funny how one phone call leads to the next, which leads to the connects, then on to one of the best times of our collective lives in Aotearoa, the land of the long back tailslide. To have the opportunity to tour New Zealand with the infamous ABC crew we knew we were going to be in good hands, and definitely had our work cut out for us. After all, we’d seen “dem cunts’ mean as footy beforehand, eh bro.”
A lot of us on the team could never quite figure Lockett’s character out. After spending some time in New Zealand we now know why he’s such a crazy bastard! Hospitable, genuine, powerful, down to earth, well-rounded, inspiring, fearless, horticultural, innovative, warrior-like, humorous… All these qualities are reflected in New Zealand skateboarding. Expertise loves NZ and its people; it was a true privilege for us to be able to spend time in NZ with ABC and all their family. | Trevor Houlihan