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P-Stone: A tribute

By on Sunday September 3 2017 in News

Tributes abound in the wake of the saddening death of Preston Maigetter—the much-loved filmer for Thrasher Magazine. Editor Jake Phelps, and friends, pay tribute to P-Stone over on their site. One glance on social media shows that this loss is being felt deeply across the… More ›

Oh, Ohau!

By on Friday August 25 2017 in Exclusive, News, Snowboarding

The Mackenzie country has been copping the brunt of the storms this winter, leaving us in Queenstown with half of Australia totally freezing butt on icy Coronet Peak. I was more than keen to break the bubble and get the hell out of Dodge. More ›


By on Monday August 14 2017 in News, Skateboarding, Video

“All those kids you see drinking on the stairs at Chaffers Skatepark (maybe you didn’t even realize they skated), made a video with skating, antics, shoddy camera work and managed to sneak in a few hammers. This is what it’s all about; steal your parent’s… More ›