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Author: Jake Mein

Vans Welcomes Rowan Zorilla

By on Wednesday March 4 2015 in News, Skateboarding

When AVE says that your his favourite current skateboarder you know you’re doing something right. Well Vans took notice and have put him on the Global footwear and apparel team. If the internet murmurs are true his part in the upcoming Vans video should be… More ›

2015 Cheapskates Skateboard Nationals Video

By on Monday February 16 2015 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Check out the video from this years Skateboard Nationals, congratulations to Lenard Tejada for taking top spot! The 2015 Cheapskates Skateboard Nationals. Porirua Skatepark, Friday, 6 February (Waitangi Day) Open Men’s: 1. Lenard Tejada 2. Mitch Jago 3. Ben Evans Best Trick: Custard square –… More ›

James Wright Appreciation Week Recap

By on Monday February 16 2015

If you didn’t get the chance to view all the James Wright parts we have every single one we posted on our Facebook pages along with a few images and a couple extra parts, this should take up a good half hour of your day! More ›

2 Block by Geoff Campbell

By on Friday February 13 2015 in News, Skateboarding, Video

This spot in the heart of Melbourne city had been sitting dormant for over a decade ruined by large metal seats screwed on top of the marble blocks. All this footage is from November 2011 when for reasons unknown the metal was removed from the… More ›

2014 edit Melbourne, Europe, America

By on Tuesday January 13 2015 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Don’t let the uninspiring name fool you this clip is the tits. Filmed and edited by ex-headboy Matt Beck featuring: Digby Luxton, Geoff Campbell, Arthur Kay, Ben Frank, Tim Williams, Logan Moodie, Jake Darwen, Alec Paul, Jarrad Carlin, Matt Beck, Matt Reilly, Alex Harvey, Ishod… More ›

Chase Collins – Group Therapy

By on Monday December 22 2014 in News, Skateboarding, Video

A little teaser from Aidan Rogers latest project ‘Group Therapy’ featuring the Big Rig Chase Collins. Group Therapy also features the likes of Flynn Gough, Jack Fagan, Hootie Andrewes, Luke Hodges, Sean Bone, Ayrton Boot, Mat Vickery, Andrew Bevin, Rory Davies, Christian Low and Friends.… More ›