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Author: Jake Mein

Jake Darwen Super Part

0 By on Wednesday April 9 2014 has just released Jake Darwen’s super part and it’s fucked. Click here to watch and if you haven’t already take a look at Jake’s portfolio website. More ›

Green Diamond Footage Dump

0 By on Monday April 7 2014 in News, Skateboarding, Video

Green Diamond Footage Dump Party from Rob Harris on Vimeo. Green Diamond released an edit of 2009-13 footage from New York. Featuring ‘strayans: Bryce Golder, Jeremy Correa, Jack Kirk, Callum Paul, Will Brown, Glenn Palmer, Nick Boserio and more. More ›

The 4 Family Vacation

0 By on Wednesday March 26 2014

Nike SB AU team riders Casey Foley, Harry Clark, Mike Martin and Morgan Campbell all star in this clip from 4 Skateboards filmed around Melbourne and Adelaide. More ›

Manual Magazine #53 The Photo Special

0 By on Tuesday March 11 2014

The Autumn issue, March 2014 Kristian Philipp takes the cover of our 2014 Photo Special with this backside ollie at the New Lynn bowl, as shot by Johnny McCormack. Inside Sean Bone is our featured Close Up, Colin Evans gets ruthless in the latest Turning… More ›

1 Minute with Deen Rakich

0 By on Wednesday February 19 2014

Get to watching this latest clip from Deen Rakich, featuring a bunch of tricks from our trip to New York featured in issue #49. Filmed by Casey Foley and Neihana Tonkin. More ›