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Music Haze: Snakes of Iron—Scavengers

By on Thursday April 19 2012 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

Two years since they released their self-titled debut EP, Auckland’s grotty metal and hardcore sons Snakes of Iron return with their new digital EP, Scavengers. Somewhat of a supergroup (but let’s be honest, they’d hate the moniker) the band is comprised of former members of The Have,… More ›

Music Haze: Underworld—A Collection

By on Thursday February 16 2012 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

UK techno overlords Underworld have been twisting the dials and tweaking the EQs for 20-odd years now. To celebrate that fact, and to honor Rick Smith and Karl Hyde’s recent appointment as music directors for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, the band have released two new compilation… More ›

Music Haze: Plug—Back On Time

By on Thursday February 9 2012 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

Back in the heady days of ’90s electronica, British artist and producer Luke Vibert rode the cusp of imaginative creativity and self-aware irreverence. Recording under a number of monikers, he helped invigorate and redefine the world of drum’n’bass. Along with the likes of Aphex Twin,… More ›

Music Haze: Blessthefall—Awakening

By on Wednesday February 1 2012 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

Well, here’s an album that’s about as far from my usual listening choices as you could possibly get. You see, Blessthefall are a Christian metalcore band. I should probably add a little bit more in there, especially if you’re a bit religiously sensitive. It goes… More ›

Music Haze: Cobra Skulls—Agitations

By on Wednesday January 18 2012 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

Hot damn, Cobra Skulls’ newest LP Agitations is just a blast of souped-up punk rockin’ good times from whoa to go. Stacked to the gunnels with whip-snapping shots of punk rock fury, energetic harmonies and ringing riffs, the band’s third full-length is one hell of… More ›

Music Haze: Spook the Horses—Brighter

By on Wednesday January 4 2012 in Music

If you’re a fan of New Zealand post-rock titans Jakob, Kerretta or How To Kill, then listen up. Wellington’s post-rock virtuosos Spook The Horses released their debut album Brighter at the tail end of ’11, and it’s stacked with epically inclined tunes that harness all the juxtaposing dynamics… More ›

Music Haze: Head Like A Hole

By on Friday December 9 2011 in Music, Music Haze

Ever since Robert Johnson sold his soul the very best music has always been the kind that conjures up a sense of menace, revels in the mire of ruinous relationships and celebrates debauchery. Sure, sugary ballads and angst-ridden odes all have their place, I’m not… More ›

Music Haze: Ryan Adams—Ashes and Fire

By on Wednesday November 9 2011 in Music, Music Haze, Reviews

You have to have some sympathy for poor old Ryan Adams. Here’s a guy whose original outfit, Whiskeytown, was supposedly all set to redefine alt-country and finally give it some big-city credibility when the band simply imploded in a flurry of bitter recriminations.  When Adams… More ›