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Author: Connor Hill

Converse CONS: Hijacked Journals

By on Monday July 27 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

A portion of the Converse CONS’ dream team united for the recent Hijacked Journals, including Zered Bassett, Tom Remillard, Louie Lopez, Andrew Brophy, Dolan Stearns, Aaron Herrington, and Milton Martinez. As expected with a team of this magnitude, things got pretty unreal, like Milton’s ridiculous ender. More ›

Brass Tax

By on Friday July 24 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

We hate to say it, but this Nick Boserio clip looks to be the leftovers from his No Cash Value part, a part that you should definitely get in your system ASAP. More ›


By on Wednesday July 22 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

PA1 brings together some of Perth’s finest movers, along with a hoard of extras. Some names that might ring a bell, Harry Clark, Morgan Campbell, Alex Campbell along with Kiwis, Casey Foley and Geoff Campbell. Enjoy! More ›

Jason Hernandez Interview

By on Monday July 20 2015 in News, Skateboarding

Vice’s Sandro Grison recently had words with Jason Hernandez, Nike SB staff filmer and founder of the popular yet pricey, Eazy Handle. Click here to read the full interview where they talk cameras, pursuing a pro skateboarding career, Volume 3 of the SB Chronicles including Koston’s… More ›

Bite It

By on Friday July 17 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

Scumco & Sons recently released a new clip featuring the whole team including some quality Philly Santosuosso footage. How’s that backside flip ender? More ›

Orewa Skatepark Upgrade

By on Thursday July 16 2015 in News, Skateboarding

“The Orewa Skate park Renewal Project has been a welcomed addition for the skatepark users of Orewa. RICH Landscapes has envisioned an environment that connects with its position on the Hibiscus Coast and its gateway location to the North. More ›