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Author: Connor Hill

Nike SB & Quatersnacks: Core

By on Monday August 24 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

Bobby Worrest, Hjalte Halberg and Nick Boserio have just given us another reason to hold them in high regard, along with Antonio Durao, Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer and Andrew Wilson who smash it in this new clip from Nike SB and Quartersnacks. More ›

Diaries Downunder: Snow, Surf or both?

By on Monday August 17 2015 in Snowboarding, Video

In episode two of Diaries Downunder the crew pay Mt Cheeseman a visit. Australian professional surfer, Blake Thornton flies into Christchurch from Sydney, where he’s thrown into the mix with Nick Hyne, Nick Brown and Roland Morley-Brown as they make the most of the amazing snow conditions right now.… More ›

Judith Prieth

By on Wednesday August 12 2015 in Skateboarding, Video

A classic tune and good times to boot in this recently surfaced clip featuring Welcome Skateboards’ rider Ryan Lay along with Diego Meek, Rick Clark, Klay Andersen, Aaron Homoki, Matt Jones, Kelly Hart, Walker Ryan, Tom Asta and many more. More ›