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Help make Treetops even better

By on Thursday October 5 2017 in News, Skateboarding

The newly formed Wellington Skateboarding Association’s first project is to build some solid new skate obstacles and tidy up Wellington’s favourite DIY skatepark ready for summer. Chris Wood and Tom Culy introduce the makeover project. Last year, a group of skaters got together and raised… More ›

#MonthOfFoo Blog

By on Thursday August 3 2017 in Exclusive, Skateboarding

“In August my good friend Bernard turns 40. With a few month of’s out there, it’s time to showcase a true legend. With Colin Evans’ blessing, expect gems spanning over 2 decades. Stand by for daily updates” – Glenn Wignall More ›

Owen Dippie Interview

By on Wednesday July 12 2017 in Art, Exclusive, News

Owen Dippie is a self-confessed fan of Renaissance art, he owns two pug dogs and works tirelessly alongside his wife/manager, Erin, in their studio on K’ Road. Owen paints and walks the dogs, Erin handles everything else. The couple’s mahi is beginning to pay off,… More ›