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Settlers D3

Posted by manualmagazine on Wednesday October 18 2017

Zack Gray has gone online with his third offering from the Settlers series, titled Settlers D3. Much akin to that of the original D3, Zack’s adaption is chocka full of goodness from the likes of Garage, Max Couling, Isaac Oke, Olly Wilson, Ben Frank, Slade Anderson, Zack Gray, Finn Roberts, Daniel Bridgeman, Pj Wybrow, Hamish Morgan, Reece Brooker, Sean Cupples, Billy McLachlan, Mathieu Lucas, Jack Woodrow, Tomoki Peters, David Chen, Jack Dargan, Jordan McStay, Louis Judd, Cade Wilson-Russ and Liam McCulloch, Rory Jones and more.