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Help make Treetops even better

Posted by David Read on Thursday October 5 2017

The newly formed Wellington Skateboarding Association’s first project is to build some solid new skate obstacles and tidy up Wellington’s favourite DIY skatepark ready for summer. Chris Wood and Tom Culy introduce the makeover project.

Last year, a group of skaters got together and raised over $12,000 to resurface the rough concrete surface at Treetops, elevating it into one of New Zealand’s most functional and unique skate spots. However, over the last year a lot of the ramps, ledges and quarter pipes have become worn out, waterlogged or broken; and Treetops needs your help. 

The goal is to raise $4,000 by the end of November to create the following:

– a 4.8m long grind box
– a new quarter pipe
– a flat bar that is bolted down to concrete
– a permanent slappie curb
– cleanup, repairs and paint to existing obstacles 

If you support the cause, please make a pledge today. Great rewards for donations are on offer and all donations of $10 and above will receive membership to the Wellington Skateboarding Association. Any donation of $500 or over will receive naming rights of a new obstacle.

Watch this space and the WSA Facebook page for updates and info on a launch party/Treetops working bee in early December.

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