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P-Stone: A tribute

Posted by David Read on Sunday September 3 2017

Preston Maigetter. Photo by Shigeo.

Tributes abound in the wake of the saddening death of Preston Maigetter—the much-loved filmer for Thrasher Magazine. Editor Jake Phelps, and friends, pay tribute to P-Stone over on their site. One glance on social media shows that this loss is being felt deeply across the entire industry.

Big mileage is how I describe my relationship with Preston Maigetter. Met him in ’90 but I remember seeing him skate in ’95 in Sattel, Switzerland. It was a high-ollie contest and he was going toe-to-toe with Jo Jo Tershay. Close but no cigar. He ripped skating and knew when he picked up the bail gun (video cam) it would give him a ticket to the world. In 1999 he went with the boys to South America and did it like the champ he was. Well mannered, eloquent and smooth with the locals, he was the good to my bad. When he moved to SF I put him on as a hired gun. He documented the madness of the road and condensed it to DVD magic. There’s never been one dude like that: party all night, fix your lawnmower and mow the lawn in the morning. I keep it in my hard drive, in my skull, and when you think it’s bad, we got it good. Miss you, Big Dog. See you on the other side. Make it all yours ’til we meet again. —Jake Phelps

Preston was best known for his signature “Bru-Ray” series that was a mainstay on of site.

Rest in Peace P-Stone. Our thoughts go out to your friends and family.