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Manual #65 – Out Now

Posted by David Read on Wednesday May 17 2017

NZ Skateboarding, Manual, Cover,

Skate Cover featuring: Simon Thorp. Photo by Jake Darwen.

The Winter Issue, May 2017:
Somehow we’ve made it to Issue #65. How we made it this far is thanks to you!

In this issue we interview 2016 New Zealand Skater of the Year Hootie Andrewes, Matthieu Lucas features in Turning Point. The Flightless Bird looks at three hot locations for getting your snowboard fix. Skater slash photographer Jake Darwen bares all. Heath Patterson is joined by Nick Brown and friends on their latest hair-brained scheme Hidden Mountain where they build and live out of an igloo for a month.

Also featured are: Glenn Smith, Will Jackways, Quest Kara, Bowman Hansen, The Anti Hero team, Name UL, Pavement Store, Gerard ‘Garage’ Bloxham and many more.

On the Covers:
Simon Thorp, kicklip, el Toleo. Tole Street, Auckland. Photo by Jake Darwen.
Roland Morley-Brown, switch frontside grab. Photo by Alex Papis.

Inside the Mag:
Comes complete with a 2017 Snowboard Buyer’s Guide and a double-sided poster featuring both cover images.

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NZ Skateboarding, NZ Snowboarding, Manual Cover

Snow Cover featuring: Roland Morley-Brown. Photo by Alex Papis

NZ Skateboarding, NZ Snowboarding, Manual

Turning Point – Matthieu Lucas.

NZ Skateboarding, Manual,

Decent Decent. Josh Mathus. Photo by David Read

NZ Skateboarding, NZ Snowboarding, Manual

Hootie Andrew Interview.

NZ Skateboarding, NZ Snowboarding, Manual

Hidden Mountain article.