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Vans Pool Party Draw with Steve Caballero and Lance Mountain

Posted by manualmagazine on Monday May 15 2017

Vans Pool Party Draw with Steve Caballero and Lance Mountain

In what could be a Vans Pool Party first, Steve Caballero and Lance Mountain have come in first equal at the famous Combi Pool event. See the pro recap below, and watch the event in its entirety, here.

Roaring crowds filled the legendary Combi Pool arena as the 2017 Vans Pool Party capped off another dramatic skateboarding showdown last night to crown both Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero as this year’s Legends champions. Following a contentious stalemate final, head chief in charge Steve Van Doren settled the score, honoring both impressive performances and granting Caballero and Mountain a shared victory for their equal 85.33 result.

In the pros division, 2017 champion Tom Schaar’s unremitting domination of the Combi Pool shows no signs of slowing down, as he flowed through the course with undeniable precision to earn him his second Vans Pool Party championship title to date. Fellow ripper Cory Juneau wasn’t far behind, executing his sultry smooth lines throughout the bowl to place 2nd, while 3rdplace winner and arguably one of the most exciting players to watch of the field, Clay Kreiner presented a truly memorable performance, heavily amplified by his fearless attempts at landing a massive heelflip frontside air over the channel into the round bowl.

Lance Mountain, fs invert. Photo by Chris Ortiz.

Lance Mountain, fs invert. Photo by Chris Ortiz.




1st  Tom Schaar
2nd Cory Juneau
3rd  Clay Kreiner

1st  Steve Caballero & Lance Mountain (Tie)
3rd Tony Magnusson

1st  Andy Macdonald
2nd  Chad Shetler
3rd Lincoln Ueda

Finally, the Masters division was a true celebration of enduring talent, crowning Andy Macdonald the new 2017 champion, joined by Chad Shetler, 2nd, and Lincoln Ueda, 3rd.

The Vans Pool Party marks another year in the history books, commending the many generations of creativity and talent that continue to revolutionize the iconic riding style of classic Combi bowl terrain.