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Rotorua Skatepark Renewal and Extension

Posted by David Read on Monday May 8 2017

The plaza space.

The plaza space.

The tin, ‘crete and wood wonderland of Rotorua’s CBD skatepark is now a shadow of its former, um, glory. It was rough around the edges the day it was built. Time, as per usual, has held no mercy. A welcome refresh of the Bay of Plenty space is on the cards and Rich Landscapes is tasked with giving it the royal spruce up, which is “set to rock waves through the New Zealand Landscape.”

The evolution of skate spaces in moving towards creating a community space with integrated wheelplay features

It’s an ambitious project that could be one of New Zealand’s largest skate/community spaces, with influences as varied as geothermal landscapes and Barcelona’s MACBA plaza. Check out the images below and head over to the Rich Landscapes website for the full run down on the intent of the project. Check out the 3D navigable render here.

Image Gallery (7 Photos)

  1. 'Moguland.'
  2. Box jump and wallride zone.
  3. Box jump and wallride zone.
  4. Pool bowl.
  5. Flow bowl zone.
  6. Another view of the the plaza area.

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