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Snowboard Around The World Without Lifting A Finger

Posted by manualmagazine on Thursday April 13 2017

Snowboard Around The World Without Lifting A Finger

Photo by Jake Mein.

If you like the idea of jetting off to Canada, Chile, USA or Japan in search of some of the best snowboarding terrain, without having to worry about the woes of itineraries, flight changes and weather delays, then here’s some intel for you. Our friends at travel&co (previously Dive Fish Snow Holidays) have arrived on the scene and are dedicated to giving you best damn travel experience around, leaving you with more time to fill your feed with envious imagery.

Here’s there story:

A year ago, Sheree and Rob Macready became the new owners of one of the most experienced travel brands in the niche travel sector, Dive Fish Snow Holidays. As proven entrepreneurs, they made the decision to reposition the business for growth, investing in new systems, a new brand and enhancing the already experienced team of specialists. 

Their vision for the business has been brought to life with an aspirational new brand developed in partnership with Voice Brand Agency. A new name, a dynamic new brand and an exciting new website has been created to deliver bespoke international active travel experiences that go beyond the obvious and expected for customers who are active, passionate travellers.

The idea behind travel&co is to highlight the bespoke nature of the service the active travel team offers, going ‘beyond the ordinary’ to deliver unique active travel experiences in specialist areas – skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing and diving: expanding to new destinations that passionate active travellers aspire to – like skiing in Chile, and mountain biking in North America.

Pay them a visit here, you can thank us later.