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Dustbin 2

Posted by manualmagazine on Friday March 10 2017

The second coming of Dustbin has arrived. From the lens of Hamish Morgan, Dustbin 2 features a long list of the South Island’s best up-and-comers, including the likes of: Daniel Bridgman, Shane Carter, Errol Hopgood, Reece Brooker, Tomoki Peters, David Chen, Liam McCulloch, Olly Wilson, Cade Wilson-Russ, Andrew “Chunks” Norton, Majick Templeton, Matthieu Lucas, Finn Roberts, Hamish Morgan, Jordan Mcstay, Stacy Cooper, Cole McDonald, Josh Maxwell, Tom Van Der Heu, Jono Manning, Harry Dolan, Jake Hoult, PJ Wybrow, Niwa Warner and Roscoe Moore.