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Anti-Hero Washington Park Demo: Photos

Posted by manualmagazine on Thursday February 23 2017

Anti-Hero Washington Park Demo: Photos

Grant Taylor with some jackass type shit.

It’s not everyday you have the likes of Grant Taylor, Brian Anderson, Jeff Grosso, Raney Beres, Daan Ver Der Linden and the rest of the Anti-Hero team in your backyard, or in particular Christchurch’s Washington Park; but on Saturday, February 18th it happened, and here’s how the day unfolded – thanks to this series of images by Tomoki Peters.

Image Gallery (17 Photos)

  1. Grant Taylor, bank to bank ollie.
  2. Austin and his new mate.
  3. Raney Beres, transfer.
  4. Raney Beres.
  5. Morph, 18 stalker.
  6. Div Adam, backside lipslide.