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Top Fives: Rhys Campbell

Posted by manualmagazine on Friday January 20 2017

Top Fives: Rhys Campbell

Pole jam, Auckland.

He’s got at least five nicknames: RTMC, Creature, Fat Controller, Rizzagram, The Pink Dolphin. You know him, you love him, he’s Rhys The Man Campbell.

Top five species of fish to spear
– John Dory
– Giant Boarfish
– Kingfish
– Snapper
– Trevally

Top five reasons to be in a group chat
– Plan skate dates
– No FOMO (fear of missing out) when the missus won’t let you hang with the boys
– Saying stuff on the chat that could get you arrested in the real world
– Trolling mates that have short wicks
– PMA vibes

Top five takeaway shop luxury items
– Hawaiian Burger
– Wontons
– Spring Roll
– Wonton Soup
– Can of T-sauce

Top five reasons to drive a Toyota Surf
– They go forever
– The sunburnt red paint is a showstopper
– Heaps of room for Craig’s empty VB cans in the back
– Drive over curbs and through gardens
– Can tow a boat, no worries

Top five skate spots in Blockhouse Bay (past and present)
– Mini hubbas at the primary school (RIP)
– Hilltop School; it’s like a skate plaza there
– Upside down bike rack; older skaters know the pain of skating these
– Downhill flat-bar behind the church. Still there, dudes should go get some
– That over the stairs / bar spot. Pro status if ya skate that

Top five essential punk fashion accessories
– Tartan pants
– Bullet belt
– Bum flap
– Studded leather jacket
– Mohawk

Top five people to share a tour/party van with
– Ole six pack before the Bombay Hills, Craig Bycroft
– Matt West, captain spread legs
– Morri after a few quiet ones
– Mark Barber, when he’s hungry
– Bill Bycroft, always sober driver

Top five hot plate spots in Auckland
– Rat Alley—Albert Street Food Court. Going back up town with a full gut is a great skate stopper
– Ponsonby Road Food Court—good food selection + cheap beers
– BBQ at Shayne Storey’s House + darts contest
– Luke Macready’s BBQ—Noah’s Ark, two of everything
– Wendy’s Dominion Road, for the memories

Top five Olympic predictions
– No one from New Zealand will qualify; not hating, but the level of skateboarding worldwide is gnarly
– It won’t have any benefit to the actual act of skateboarding or the real skateboard companies
– The corporate vultures that have been circling skateboarding for years will now have an open door to swoop on in and bastardise it
– The commentary is going to be real embarrassing
– The dudes that skate for the ‘right’ reasons still will and that’s what really matters

Top five bald skaters
– Andrew Reynolds
– Chet Childress
– Marc Johnson
– Bjorn Johnston
– Matt Mumford

Text by Mark Barber
Photograph by Kingsley Attwood
Published in Manual #64