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Away Days Tour: Tom Snape Interview

Posted by manualmagazine on Tuesday December 20 2016

Away Days Tour: Tom Snape Interview

We caught up with Tom Snape in the midst of the three stop, three stripe Away Days tour to discuss dreaded knee injuries, travel plans, the demolition of the beloved Lincoln Square and much more.

So far how’s the tour been going?
The trip has been amazing. It’s always good to catch up with old friends and meet new peeps. It was also nice to get up towards the beach and a bit more sun.

You had a pretty nasty knee injury a while back, how’s it holding up at the moment?
Yeah I tore my ACL at the start of last year and I put a lot of time into my rehab, and it hasn’t given me any grief yet. I just have to keep it strong.

Away Days Tour: Tom Snape Interview

Switch backside bigspin. Photos by Jake Darwen.

Has the Melbourne scene changed at all since Lincoln Square was demo’d?
It’s heart breaking going past and seeing it fenced off and un-skateable considering how much time we spent there. It was a second home for most skaters in Melbourne. Now IMAX is the spot where we meet up and it is a bit of a down-grade haha. It’s still good but it doesn’t compare.

You spent a pretty decent chunk of the year overseas, was there a city in particular you want to go back and skate again?
I was in Europe for three and a half months. It’s really hard to narrow it down to one but I think I had the most fun in Prague. Stalin Square is the best.

Going back to the Away Days project, did you have any idea you were going to have tricks in he video?
I wasn’t sure. I filmed a couple of things when they were on a trip here at the end of 2014 so was hyped that I got something in there.

Away Days Tour: Tom Snape Interview

How is it skating with Busenitz?
It’s pretty insane. I could watch him skate for hours. He has got the flow and seems to be doing it for the right reasons.

What’s coming up for you next? Plans on heading to the states?
I would like to do a trip to the States, as it has been a few years since I’ve been there. I would also like to do a quick visit back to Europe.

Can we expect a new Snape part any time soon?
Yeah I’m pretty keen to get busy on something. I’ll see how this year goes.

Away Days Tour: Tom Snape Interview

Frontside noseslide, Sydney. Photo by Andrew Peters.