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adidas Away Days Team Tour Sydney Demo

Posted by Jake Mein on Thursday December 15 2016

adidas Away Days Team Tour Sydney Demo

Jack Fardell, tailgrab.

The local skate community didn’t let the rain deter them as they welcomed the adidas Skateboarding team. The demo featured Dennis Busenitz, Jake Donnelly, Jack Fardell, Nestor Judkins, Dennis Durrant, Alec Majerus and local team riders Tom Snape and Gabriel Summers. Next stop the G.C.

All images by Andrew Peters.

Image Gallery (10 Photos)

  1. Pass~Port big boss Trent Evans sneaking in a bluntslide.
  2. Tom Snape.
  3. Snape giving away merch.
  4. Nestor Judkins, front smith.
  5. Jack Fardell, tailgrab.
  6. Dennis Busenitz, kickflip.