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Legal High: The ‘Up For Grabs’ Interview

Posted by manualmagazine on Tuesday December 6 2016

Legal High: The 'Up For Grabs' Video

Ben Hillenaar-Darby, switch backside smith, Auckland. Photo by Kingsley Attwood.

After a few bribes consisting of a ‘bok’, I sat down with Scott Rishworth to talk about his last full length video, Up For Grabs, starring some of Auckland’s most stylish and tech skaters in the game. With more and more videos getting lost in the sea of Instagram clips, it’s refreshing to see a full length come together. It may lower your self-esteem seeing everyone do things switch that you can’t even do regular, but it’s 100% worth the watch. I definitely recommend watching this one with a beer and a bunch of your homies. | Kingsley Attwood

First off give us a rundown of the video. Who’s in it and what can we expect?
Up For Grabs is my latest video filmed entirely in Auckland in 2015 and early 2016. It’s basically the same crew from the last video Weaotea with the inclusion of Daniel Jochems. I also filmed a couple of the young local groms who’ve been killing it recently. We’d just meet up after work or on the weekend and head into town. We never really plan to make a video, we just start filming and once I’ve collected enough footage I put it together. For this video we tried to spend a little less time filming at Aotea Square as it did feel a bit burnt out from the last video, although we always ended up skating there every weekend.

Judgement Day, Weaotea and now Up For Grabs. What’s the history behind the names?
The names aren’t that significant. It’s just the same group of mates who’ve been skating and filming together for years now, they’re more like inside jokes between mates. Like Weaotea is a play on words between Aotea Square and ‘we out here’.

Legal High: The 'Up For Grabs' Video

Photo by Zach Wheeler.

When and where’s the premiere? A lot of horsing to go down?
Not just yet. We’ve been trying to find a place to have it. Mike Hall’s been helping out too. Always gotta have a party for the video, Brett and Simon were giving me shit for not having one for Judgement Day. It’s one of the best things about making a video. Everyone just coming together and celebrating, getting rowdy and hyped for every trick that goes down.

Is the finished product going to DVD or straight to the web?
The video’s going straight online. It’s only 25 minutes long. I’ve always thought that was a good length for a skate video; you don’t want people losing focus. Filming these videos was more about getting my mates a bit of exposure than making any money.

Legal High: The 'Up For Grabs' Video

Zach Wheeler, backside tailslide, Auckland.

Soundtrack? I heard rumours of some dubstep making it into the mix.
While I’m editing I’ll usually send people rough drafts of their footage to get their opinions on songs they want to use and what tricks go in or get cut out. It’s always good to take other people’s ideas into consideration. Haha yeah, Callum may have another “Where’s Da Bud” remix by Three 6 Mafia in this video.

After the release of this video, what’s the next step? An HD video in the works?
After a few too many lens hits that also involved Simon [Thorp] kicking off the lens (which you can see at the start of the video), I decided it was time for an upgrade. Leigh Bolton was selling his HPX170 which Zach was cool enough to buy for me and I’ve been paying him back over the last couple of months. We’ll probably just keep doing the same thing, skating, filming and hopefully get all the boys to go on a couple of trips next year.

Any dudes on the come-up to look out for in the video?
Yeah, definitely. We brought Cato Dobbs out a few times. He’s so good for his age, can skate anything and is super consistent. Also Daniel Jochems is on the come-up, straight out of Kerikeri. I swear he’ll learn a new trick every time I see him. Definitely keep an eye out for him in the future.

Legal High: The 'Up For Grabs' Video

Photo by Zach Wheeler.

At one point I saw your fisheye was taped onto the camera. What’s the story behind that?
I had a few too many lens hits while filming for this video. For most of the video I had a bit of shoelace holding the fisheye in place. Not too long ago though I was filming Simon on Queen Street. We were about to get kicked out so Simon committed. He leant too far forward and his foot swung into the camera and booted it off. After that Simon felt really bad and bought me some tape and I just wrapped it up and kept filming.

The Square’s a hot spot for the local legal smokers. Seen anything gnarly go down while skating and filming at Aotea?
Nothing that gnarly. I’ve seen a few people get robbed and there’s always bums fighting. A couple of the boys have gotten stepped out by some hero pedestrians. We always skate the curved ledge at the centre of the square. It’s also the place where some of the homeless sleep and hang out. Usually whoever’s there first gets left alone though so if they’re there we’ll go skate the tree ledge or if we’re there they’ll smoke their legal highs round the corner.

Legal High: The 'Up For Grabs' Video

Daniel Jochems, switch crooked grind, Auckland. Photo by Isaac Matz.

Advice for other filmers trying to put out full lengths?
Don’t take it too seriously. I would see it so often growing up, people would hype up their video that didn’t even exist yet and would end up becoming a montage of the best footage you got. Just let it happen and do your own thing.

Cheers Dox!

Legal High: The 'Up For Grabs' Video

Mikey Gibson, Pupecki grind, Auckland. Photo by Isaac Matz.

Featuring, Zach Wheeler, Alex Sharman, Simon Thorp, Cato Dobbs, Brooklyn Rock, Ollie Maclaurin, Ben Playfair, Jack Flavell, Robin Mcarthur-Adams, Seth Smith, Scott Olds, Seamus Peters, Isaac Matz, Kerry Wharekawa, James Kake, Jack Moon, Scott Rishworth, Elijah Robertson, Callum Madgwick, Conrad Blain-Caunce, Mikey Gibson, Daniel Jochem and Ben Hillenaar-Darby.