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Top Fives: Pj Wybrow

Posted by manualmagazine on Thursday September 1 2016

Top Fives: Pj Wybrow

Switch ollie, Wellington.

A new breed of Dunedin talks legends, couch burning and the blood bucket.

Top five things about Dunedin
1. Jimmy’s pies
2. Speight’s
3. Hill bombs
4. Quest
5. Fairfield

Things to do during a Southern Winter
1. Crend
2. Skate if possible
3. Snowboarding
4. Make the most of the sun
5. Burn a couch

Places to burn a couch
1. Castle Street
2. Blood bucket
3. Anywhere in North End
4. Hyde Street
5. Callum’s lounge

Things you’ve seen happen at a Castle Street party
1. Daniel Bridgman being helmsed at age 14
2. That whole “spew into another person’s mouth” gimmick
3. Riots
4. Multiple mongo longboarders
5. Cops being pissed on

Dunedin skate legends
1. Geoff Campbell
2. Shaka
3. Sam Wood
4. Adrian Vercoe
5. Willy van der Vliet

Things about Fairfield
1. Best park in Otago
2. Not many scooters
3. Never crowded
4. Peaceful
5. Has room for more obstacles

Things about the blood bucket
1. It fills up with water
2. Lardo’s feeble fakie
3. My first broken bone
4. Morph
5. James Wright’s frontside noseblunt in Bluestone Home

Cheapest eats in Duds
1. Sampan
2. Mayflower Takeaways
3. Tokyo House
4. South Dunedin Satay House
5. Nanking Palace

Published in Manual #62
Photo by Jake Mein