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Diaries Downunder: Mount Cook Heli

Posted by manualmagazine on Monday August 22 2016

If you’ve been fortunate enough to get flown to the top of a mountain via heli, to go snowboarding then you’ll understand exactly where Nick Hyne and the Diaries boys are coming from in their latest episode. This time round they venture to the heart of the Southern Alps, Mount Cook National Park. Cascading out of the valley floor above Lake Pukaki – this is one of the more scenically epic locations in the world.¬†With the use of a helicopter, the crew are scooped up to a field of insane New Zealand terrain that is covered in ‘marshmallow-like’ snow.

Nick Brown, Stef Zeestraten and Nick Hyne waste no time in finding every last nook and cranny on the mountain to jump off and hack to pieces.