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Polar Premiere x LRG Mini Session – Photos and Video

Posted by David Read on Saturday March 26 2016

On Wednesday night this week we were party to a double treat — The opening of LRG’s new indoor mini ramp and the premiere of Polar’s new cinematic celebration, I like it here inside my mind, don’t wake me at this time. We were spoilt to say the least. The photos and video tell the tale. Photos by David Read, video by Aidan Rogers.

Image Gallery (12 Photos)

  1. Dan Kaspar, ollie up to frontside noseblunt.
  2. Jamie Cook, frontside rock 'n' roll.
  3. Jamie Cook, frontside crailslide.
  4. Levi Hawken, frontside ollie.
  5. Leighton Dyer, frontside grab chink chink.
  6. Lenard Tejada, benihanna to fakie.