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Manual Magazine #61 On Sale Now

Posted by manualmagazine on Friday March 18 2016

Manual Magazine #61 On Sale Monday

Karl Truell, ollie, Wellington. Photo by Jake Mein

The Autumn Issue, March 2016:

From Auckland to Dunedin we explore everything this place we call home has to offer. Issue 61, this must be the place.

Commotion In Motion
ALC’s riotous roadies take to the blacktop the only way know – assaulting everything as they dash to their annual airshow. Maluai Palakua, Shibby Strofer, Matthew Sole and James Huntley venture to the land of the hardcore.

Stockyard Barge
They tried, but CERA, the Christchurch City Council and a mystery landowner couldn’t stop DIY. The build of Stockyards from start to finish.

Mainland Roaming
Growing up skateboarding in the South Island was a treat. Going back was a blast. Hootie Andrewes, Cade Wilson-Russ, Geoff Campbell, Digby Luxton, Matt Beck, Roscoe Moore and Jarrad Carlin search out the gems from Picton to Dunedin and everywhere in-between.

What else is in it? Karl Truell is a living metaphor for freedom, and he proves it on this issues’ cover & and within his Close Up feature, Mitchell McCarthy charges through the kinks, Scott Olds shares his stories from home and abroad, we catch up with Palmerston North’s Michael McKeagg and Tom Snape reminisces on his friend, Seeks.

Also in this issue: Mikey Gibson, Glenn Wignall, Jordan McStay, Luke Browne, Ayrton Boot, Billy McLachlan, Chase Collins, Lenard Tejada, Christian Low, Kayle Lawson and much more.

Get your copy here. Price includes postage within New Zealand.

 Manual Magazine #61 On Sale Monday
Manual Magazine #61 On Sale Monday