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Top Fives: Sean Bone

Posted by manualmagazine on Tuesday January 19 2016

You can find him in the van with Uncle Morri or in LA sipping on a 40.

Top Fives: Sean Bone

Frontside blunt, Auckland.

Reasons to focus your board
1. Once my tee gets sweat from the neck to the bottom seam
2. I usually quit skating mentally before I focus, like why would I need this, I don’t skate?
3. The old ‘finally land’ focus is a good one, not even happy to land, just glad to stop trying
4. When a board comes out while pissed she won’t last long
5. Looks at me funny

People to sit down with at Browns Bay
1. Dad aka Tall aka Ass Stain aka Aston Hooker
2. Ayrton Boot
3. Ross Emery
4. Jamesons aka James Marson
5. The whole of the SitDownClub kill it

Things about your recent trip to LA
1. Lenard Tejada landing anything we told him to do
2. Chase Collins after one 40oz
3. 40ozs
4. California origin grown
5. Scolds using the N-word at the worst times

Competitions you’ve skated in
1. Any
2. ALC
3. Comp
4. Beers
5. On

Best things about benihanas
1. Girls froth on a man that splits his legs
2. Makes a super cool photo
3. Dicksquad will give you a gram, shoutout
4. Six years deep, people won’t forget about that benihana kid
5. Goes bloody well with a Boom logo

New Zealand skateboarders
1. Nick Lister
2. James Wright
3. Chopper
4. Kayle Lawson
5. Crowe brothers (Benny and Joe)

Places to skate in Auckland
1. Aotea
2. Kicker to bench on the North shore
3. Potato banks
4. OSP
5. BBZ

Thing about going on trips with Rhys Campbell and Morri
1. Beers before 2pm
2. They talk shit on one another like an old married couple, very good to listen to
3. Never knowing if Rhys is serious when he says that was cool
4. They still skate hard and get the hammers
5. Uncle Mozza’s never-been-skated spots are a good old laugh. There’s always a reason it hasn’t been skated

Published in Issue #59
Photo by David Read