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From The Mag: Christian Low Interview

Posted by manualmagazine on Tuesday September 29 2015

From The Mag: Christian Low Interview

There was an Underground skate comp at Albany Stadium a couple of years back, and we posted the results up on our website. It read something like, ‘Reuben Baker 1st, Mike Bancroft 2nd and “?” 3rd.’ Christian was in the photo but I had no idea who he was. In fact I think Nick Humphries from Underground sent me an email saying, “his name is Christian Low and he rides for us.” Oops, my bad.

I heard more about this guy over the next few months and finally got to see him skate in person at the Cheapskates Auckland Regionals at Owairaka last year. My preconception of him was way off. In fact I was pretty impressed, as he was far from generic. It was refreshing to see that Christian has a style and look that is his own and a tasteful bag of tricks which he unleashes on a variety of terrain.

I’ve only really hung out with Christian a couple of times and he seems pretty mellow. I look forward to seeing the footage he produces in the future; he’s a great addition to the Irrom team and I’m sure he will add to the long list of great skaters who have come before him. | Andrew Morrison

360 flip, Auckland.

360 flip, Auckland.

What’s been happening? What’s good and what have you been up to?
Hmmm, not much man, just been working a bit, skating a lot. Trying to figure out what I’m gonna do with my life really. (Laughs) It ain’t easy.

Whereabouts are you working?
At Vector Arena. It’s real sweet, my brother and I wash the dishes then you get to go watch the whole show. It’s mean! Worked at WWE wrestling last week. It was so fake, but actually really entertaining. Florence and the Machine was dope.

So you got on Habitat and Venture through Irrom at the start of this year. What’s it like riding for them?
It’s awesome. Rhys, Morri and Bill are cool as. Real chill. Rhys is pretty funny, it’s mean how they all rip on a board as well.

What kind of stuff do they expect from you?
I guess just to always wear Habitat and Venture gear when I’m skating, especially at comps and for photos and stuff. And it’s good if we get footy for web clips and stuff.

I heard you got snapped wearing Vans at the adidas Game of S.K.A.T.E.?
(Laughs) Yeah, I think Rhys snapped me. That was dumb of me. It was pretty mellow though, I got some dope Habitats to chill in now so it’s all good.

You went away on the Drifting Viciously Northward tour in January. What were some of the highlights?
Probably skating all day with a mean crew of guys. Oh, and going swimming in the pool after skating cause it was so hot. I think it was like 37 degrees some days or something like that. I got mad sick on the last day in Kerikeri though and couldn’t skate so that was kinda lame.

Whose pool was it?
Oh, it was like this school pool. We’d just jump the fence and swim. We got told off by this old fella for drinking beer in the pool, that was pretty funny.

You’re filming for a video at the moment. Can you give us a rundown on that?
Yeah man, my brother’s filming it, it’s called
Thanks. It’s just a home movie that hopefully he can sell and make some money off. It’s gonna be pretty sick!

From The Mag: Christian Low Interview

Frontside 50-50, Auckland. Photo by Jake Mein.

When is it coming out, and who’s in it?
Hopefully by the end of the year, around December or January. We’ve got a mean crew, eh. There’s myself, Sam Reynolds, Mark Coulston, Scott Olds, Ross Emery, Nick Snooks and I think David Peryman just started filming a part. It’s gonna be sweet.

In June two of the boys got back to back Talk Turkey Tuesdays on the Manual site. Thoughts on that?
It was rad, we were all real hyped. TTTs are a good way to get people’s names out there, people that usually wouldn’t have been able to get coverage through just the mags.

Is it true that you and Willy still share a room?
(Laughs) Nah man. We did for like pretty much our whole lives, but I got my own one now.

Sam Reynolds won the Rollercoaster 2010 comp and won tickets for him and a mate to anywhere in Aussie. What went down?
Well, when Sam landed the noseblunt down the hubba I knew he had won, so I started yelling ‘we’re going to Aussie’ like a hundred times and so he had to take me. We went to Brisbane for nine days and some of our mates were already over there, and we just lived the dream.

Did you do much skating?
Kind of. There was a sick park there in Nerang that we went to quite a bit, but it was pretty overrun with BMXicans.

You just lived it up like a rock star?
Pretty much, we were staying in the Sheraton.

How many stars?
Five star bro. (Laughs) There was a six star across the street. I didn’t know there were six star hotels, and then Sam told me there is a seven star one in Dubai. That’s just crazy.

Transfer, Auckland.

Transfer, Auckland.

How’d you guys hook up the Sheraton?
Sam’s grandparents have like a villa there. They were pretty trusting to let five guys stay there for a week. It was so messy by the last day, but no one could be bothered to clean it so we just paid like $80 for a cleaner to do it the day before Sam’s mum arrived. I actually think Sam’s mum ended up paying that bill. Sorry about that Frances!

(Laughs) Sounds sick. So, what are your plans for the future?
Skate as much as I can, try and get a legit job. I don’t know really, just have fun.

Is there anything you want to tell people?
I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad!

(Awkward silence, followed by heavy laughter from all)

Why would you say that?
I don’t know.

Text by Harris Taylor
Photography by Jake Darwen
Published in Manual #39, 2010

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  1. Frontside 50-50, Auckland.
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