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2015 Cheapskates Skateboard Nationals – Photos & Results

Posted by manualmagazine on Friday February 6 2015

Open Finalists: Ben Evans (3rd), Mitch Jago (2nd), Lenard Tejada (1st).

Open Finalists: Ben Evans (3rd), Mitch Jago (2nd), Lenard Tejada (1st).

The 2015 Cheapskates Skateboard Nationals saw yet another stellar day filled with incredible skateboarding from some of NZ’s finest. Here are all the photos and results from the event, held in association with the Porirua Skate Jam. All photos by Connor Hill.


Open Men’s
1. Lenard Tejada
2. Mitch Jago
3. Ben Evans

16 & Under
1. Yorlin Phillips
2. Tai Wepa
3. Josh Kitt

13 & Under
1. Cato Dobbs
2. Santana (Equal)
2. Rico Henare (Equal)

10 & Under
1. Ollie Mclaren
2. Remus Henare
3. Roan Thomas

1. Naomi Craig
2. Shiree Dowdall
3. Tai Chirty

DVS Best Trick
Big Rail: Maluai Palakua, shuvit frontside boardslide.
Bump to ledge: Dallas Marshall, backside flip melon.
Ghettoblaster/Big Ledge: Jesse Egden, heelflip backside boardslide.

2015 Cheapskates Skateboard Nationals

2015 Cheapskates Skateboard Nationals


This year we were stoked to bring the 2015 Cheapskates Skateboard Nationals to Porirua Skate Park for the second year in a row.

For over 30 years Cheapskates have been supporting local skateboarders and skate brands in New Zealand. Other long-time supporters of this event, who we were pleased to have back with us were DVS Shoes, Element Skateboards and Manual Magazine – together they provided a huge prize pool.

Also onboard this year was Graffiti Reduction Porirua who were promoting awareness about keeping our skateparks clean and tag free.

“This event wouldn’t have been possible without the massive support of our sponsors, the hard work of the Porirua Action Sports Association and the generous support of Mana Community Trust. We’re stoked to have been part of the Festival of the Elements once again.” Said Manual Magazine’s David Read

“Every year the skating just keeps getting more and more insane and this year was no different, due especially to the impressive line-up we had in attendance today.” Said organiser Joel Middlemiss

Image Gallery (34 Photos)

  1. Mitch Jago, nollie crooked grind.
  2. Ashley Smith, backside smith.
  3. Maluai Palakua, shuvit frontside boardslide.
  4. Dallas Marshall, backside flip melon.
  5. Ashley Smith. No Porirua Skate Jam is complete without some big air out of the bowl.
  6. Lenard Tejada, crooked grind.