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Empire Presents: The 2013 Melling Skateboard Competition

Posted by David Read on Tuesday April 16 2013

Empire, who have just moved to a stunning new shop in Lower Hutt’s Margaret Street, are holding a skateboard competition at Melling Skate Park on April 27th. There’s $500 cash up for grabs for first place and thousands in prizes from Red Bull, Vallet, Bones, Lakai, Zoo York, Osiris, Def MFG, Matix, Thunder Trucks and us (Manual Magazine). It’s all made possible by Hutt City and lads at Empire. Register at 9am on the day, things get going at 10am.

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  • Jamie thomas

    Great poster .A cheif among cheifs.

  • Wood$y

    I have got this in the bag

    • Brynn

      Get bent, wood$y! you cant beat the champ

      • Wood$y

        let the better man (or kid) win. let the skating speak for itself

        • The Stin

          Not if i make an appearance boys


    THE REAL WOODSY here, I have been training at mellingk skateboard park for the last 32 days and nights straight. I dont think you guys UNDERSTAND my ability and potential at this park. Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives here I come, Let me at that cash.
    P.s I also have the product toss IN THE BAG

  • Fred S

    But I’m SOTY right?

  • Cam Smith

    If you guys don’t stop bickering I’ll call the whole thing off and sell the prizes on trademe.

    • disqus_i1BqCovryg

      Is it still happening?

  • gayswan

    Hi i’m stupid

  • disqus_i1BqCovryg

    I am looking forward to it. Hope it does not rain.