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Vintage Vert from Naenae: Lee, Gregor and Blindman

Posted by David Read on Wednesday March 6 2013

Vintage footage of Gregor Rakine, Craig Harris and Lee Ralph skating Lee’s ramp, just over the fence from my old form classroom at Naenae Intermediate.

This from filmmaker and AVS lord Peter Stobbart: “The very first thing I ever filmed was this mega old VHS of skater mates Lee Ralph & Gregor Rankine in the wooden vert ramp on Lee’s mums backyard backing onto Naenae intermediate in the Hutt Valley, Wellington New Zealand. I crash edited this using 2 x VHS machines because at that time I had no concept of video fields and sync. Because of this, the quality is just feckin rubbish and to make matters worse when I fould this old gem it had white shit growing on it from being in a box for god knows how many years. So I digitised it and spent far too many hours cleaning it up tpo produce this piece of NZ skater history GOLD.”

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