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Monkeys On Yoyos Grand Opening

Posted by David Read on Tuesday March 5 2013

Monkeys on Yoyos is New Zealand’s newest and only skateboard-exclusive indoor park. You can find them at 18 Ayr Street, Ohakune. Monkeys is also the first solar powered indoor skatepark in the Southern Hemisphere! Founded in 2012 by Nigel Horrocks, the aim is to a create high quality facility with a strong sense of community. There will be a grand opening on April 6th, 2013 with skate competition, giveaways and bands, including The Exponents, which is the first of many to be announced. More details soon. Get your tickets here.

Leroy Christensen, pivot to fakie. For more photos of the park visit:

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  1. Haz says:

    Spittlehouse art, of it’s chops

  2. victor says:

    now thats someones bloody good ideas made reality .