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Manual Presents: 2012 New Zealand Skateboarding Awards

Posted by David Read on Friday February 15 2013

Manual Magazine is proud to announce that Christian Low is the 2012 New Zealand Skater of the Year.

Skater of the Year: Christian Low

This past year Christian went from strength to strength while avoiding the ever-increasing trend of releasing sub-par footage in dribs and drabs. Instead he dropped mindblowing photos and crafted one banger of a video part, filmed over the last year. The impression Christian made wasn’t exclusively in New Zealand; he managed to turn heads in Australia too. What stood out most to us about Christian’s skating is that, rather than abiding by existing standards, it set new ones.

Christian Low, boardslide, Auckland. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Readers’ Choice: Deen Rakich

Obviously you saw the same things that we saw in Deen, so much so that you voted him for our Reader’s Choice Award. Coming in hot from relative obscurity in 2012, Deen proved that you didn’t have to be throwing yourself down things to grab people’s attention, rather he let his consistency, style and technical wizardry do the talking. Deen came through with an impressive feature interview in Manual #47, then followed it up when he travelled to New York for the ‘Tipping Point’ article in Manual #48, where he skated like a man possessed. This is only the beginning for Deen.

Deen Rakich, frontside bluntslide, NYC. Photo: Jake Mein.

Ex-Pat: Tommy Fynn

Tommy Fynn, 360 flip. Photo: Jake Darwen.

Best Skateboard Brand: Def MFG Co.

Best Self Promotion: Levi Hawken

Best King of Aotearoada Video: $hit Life

King of Aotearoada MVP: Adam Kinsman

Lost in Obscurity: Toby Locke

Best Shop Guy(s) and/or Girl: Mike Halls & Joel Coombs

Photo: Jake Mein

Best Shop: Arcade

Best All Rounder: Dan Gemmell

Dan Gemmell. Photo: David Read.

Legend Award: Chey Ataria

Best Filmer: Geoff Campbell (Secky Presh)

Best Video Part: Christian Low (Close Up)

Best Photo: Jake Mein’s Photo of Harry Culy’s Kickflip

Harry Culy, kickflip, Masterton. Photo: Jake Mein.

Best Skate Park Designer / Builder: Jason Parkes, Premium Skate Designs

Most Notorious Outfit: Joseph Whaanga’s Sweatpants

Most Wanted Comeback: Andrew Haeata

Photo: David Read

Worst Web Clip: Scott Olds

“Video does not exist.”

Web Warrior: Umberto Skinner

Worst Slam: Andrew Morrison, Land Cruiser

Special thanks to Grolsch, Puppies Bar, Fusion, Red Bull, Vans, Bowl-A-Rama and Manky Chops for making our awards night possible.

Image Gallery (10 Photos)

  1. Tommy Fynn, 360 flip. Photo: Jake Darwen.
  2. Photo: Jake Mein
  3. Dan Gemmell. Photo: David Read.
  4. Harry Culy, kickflip, Masterton. Photo: Jake Mein.


  1. Ben Morice says:

    The comments have ruined this hole promotion!
    Congratulations C-Low!

  2. Ryan Coates says:

    Watching this kid Low was like watching Tim Cuts back in 92. I did enjoy watching the DEF video….great skating.


    Congratulations C-low!

    So sick!

  4. says:

    Congrats Def, Toby, Arcade, every f*cken body who came out winning and props to manual for coming up with this.
    Christian Low is a beast!! Mad props.

  5. Bone says:

    C-low!!!!! To dope

  6. Fred Shallcrass says:

    Dave I thought we had agreed on me being SOTY

  7. Beach Thurlow says:

    My Purple Shoes for SOTY

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