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Manual 48 Plus DVD & Poster – Out Now

Posted by David Read on Wednesday November 28 2012

MANUAL’s 15 Year Anniversary Issue is available now – Get your copy here.

MANUAL’s 15th Anniversary Issue features a massive look back over the last 15 years through the eyes of 15 contributors. We take a screenshot of 15 moments in New Zealand Skate Video. Lee Corleison and friends are studied and documented in The Origins of a Self Enthusiast, Nico Gottshalk goes wild in our feature interview, and Deen Rakich, Tom Kelly, Jake Mein, Beach Thurlow and Casey Foley find their Tipping Point in New York. BMD is our featured artist. It’s a monumental edition for us, and we hope you enjoy it.

Comes with a Free Landcruiser DVD from Irrom (only available with copies purchased from and selected skate stores), and a Bones Pull-out Poster (available with all copies in New Zealand and Australia):
IRROM’s new video Landcruiser featuring Fred Shallcrass, Edwin Massold, Justin Keeley, Beach Thurlow, James Kingston, Jack Dargan, Hootie Andrewes, PJ Wybrow, Ben McConnell, Dan Kaspar, Flynn Gough and many more shredders from all over New Zealand. James Kingston and Bones got together to make one mean as pull-out poster.

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