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Zon of the Lines – Wildcard Entries

Posted by David Read on Tuesday October 23 2012

We asked for a three trick line, we offered a chance at a slice of a $10,000 prize pool – here’s what we got.

We are going to be loading up the Wildcard Callout submissions here as they come in. Let us know your thoughts and comments below. We’ll be making the final call for the six Wildcard spots (two for each event) on the following dates.

Wildcard entries close:
Nov 1st, 2012 for the Christchurch ZOTL
Nov 15th, 2012 for the Wellington ZOTL
Nov 28th, 2012 for the Auckland ZOTL

Follow these links for more about the Zon of the Lines Skateboard Invitational including competition dates and infoComfirmed Rider Lists and the Wilcard Callout.

Zon of the Lines Skateboard Invitational is proudly supported by Amazon, Mountain Dew, Vans and Plan B

Wildcard Entries:

Brian Haycock, Auckland – Though there’s actually four tricks in this line, some would say that more is less. Bri sets the standard pretty high with our first entry.

Adrian Vercoe, Wellington – Brownie points for taking it to the brewery? Maybe…

Mohi Paul, Wellington or Auckland (from Waiouru) – dropping a five trick line, with some serious snaps, for the cause.

Darren Beach, Wellington (from Levin) – I have a feeling if they keep coming in like this one narrowing it down to six is going to be very tricky.

Mosgiel’s Ashley Low submitted this two trick line and full part – some sick skating in there. He’s a definite contender for a spot in the Christchurch Zon of the Lines. Damian made the list for the Christchurch event.

A slick three tricks from Ben Morice, aiming for a place in the Auckland event.

Damian Thomson’s entry for the Christchurch Wildcard Callout.

Sean Cupples with a speedy line. He’s vying for a spot in the Wellington ZOTL.

A last minute entry for the Wellington Zon Comp from Matt Markland

And also this clip from Maluai Palakua. The ender line at 2.11 says it all. Faresh!

Mat Vickery getting down in A-Town for his Zon entry.

Beer Pullen lines up three tricks at a classic AK spot for his ZOTL wilcard entry.

Full Coverage from the Christchurch and Wellington Zon of the Lines Skateboard Invitationals

You can find the complete event wrap ups and photo sets for Christchurch and Wellington here and here, respectively. For more about ZOTL visit here.


  1. Obama says:

    Vercoe for mayor

  2. Rick Ross says:


  3. FRC says:

    Mohi For The Win SOUFFFFF

  4. Al Qaeda says:

    Brian Haycock!

  5. WellyDeep says:

    Darren Beach Is a Must

  6. Oscar The Slouch says:

    Darren’s line was so buttery I just slide off my chair.

  7. younggun says:

    bri for the win!

  8. weezy says:


  9. Bjorn Johnston says:

    Ben Morice, aka Puff all day!!

  10. Shaun Graham says:

    Puff!! (Ben Morice) Smoked that!!

  11. J-DEN says:

    Darren Beach is a flowy bastard

  12. cookie says:

    not what you do, way that you do it.. ace noseslide, vercoe.

  13. Nick says: