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Plan B Legacy – Mike Ternasky

Posted by David Read on Wednesday October 17 2012

Alli Skate have put together a new series of videos chronicling the Plan B legacy. Each episode explores a unique storyline from past and present team riders as well as other game changers from the skate industry. In the first episode, Mike Ternasky’s legacy is reflected upon…

“In 1991 Mike Ternasky assembled one of the most dominant teams in the history of the sport, and produced what many consider to be the best skate video of all time, The Questionable Video. In 1994, after Mike’s tragic death in car accident the future of the team appeared to be over. Then in 2005, founding team members Danny Way and Colin McKay relaunched the brand with their own version of the super team, and a dream to continue the legacy of Plan B.”

Watch here: and Check back every Monday for the newest instalment of the Plan B Legacy series by Alli.