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Barber’s Blog: Big Bondi Meal

Posted by markbarber on Thursday September 27 2012

Bondi Beach: Ugh.

Last week I moved to Bondi Beach, that oasis of hipsterdom, home of the Oportos triple fillet, refuge of the expat Kiwi and the great sun burnt beacon for all British travelers. Most people would be pretty psyched to be close to the beach with summer just around the corner, but I’ve always been a city kinda guy. I’ve lived most of my adult life either on or within a walk of Auckland’s K’ road, so the beach thing is new to me. If it wasn’t for my awesome flatmates and a wonderful house I’d probably have given it a miss. Anyone who is friends with me knows I’m not a beach person. Also, my mates know I like to have things I won’t do. You could even say I love to not do things. So I’m going to add Bondi to my list of things that are off my list.

I flatly refuse to set foot on the beach.

I’ve drawn the proverbial line in the sand at North Bondi Rocks, the Pavillion grounds, Oportos and the skate park.
It happens that Rune Glifberg was in Sydney a week or so back, and I had the chance to shoot with him in Bondi. We had a session at the bowl, which was pretty awesome despite it’s proximity to the surf, sand and salty locals.

Rune Glifberg, stalefish, Bondi Bowl

Rune was filming a clip for his energy drink sponsor, Burn, with Volcom filmer and all round good man, Su Young Choi. We also did a couple of trips up to Newcastle’s Bar Beach Bowl, which was sick too. Such a big, open bowl. Even with a blowing gale Rune managed to film some pretty ridiculous lines. The local kids turned out, and were pretty hyped to watch Rune skate. The kids rule in the bowl too. It’s amazing what happens when you build a big ass bowl in their back yard.

Rune Glifberg, back tail, Bar Beach.

Anyway, back to Bondi, if you catch me on the sand this summer, or riding a cork top cruiser barefoot, or ordering a single fillet meal, you can call me out. I won’t care, it’ll already be too late…

Natural Habitat. Photo: Thomas Robinson


  1. You been seeing McInnes hanging around the local GT’s Barber?