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Park Ranger: Rongotai

Posted by Connor Hill on Wednesday September 26 2012

Plantation Reserve Skate Park, Rongotai, Welllington

Photography by David Read

First published in Manual #47, September 2012.

The Central Eastern suburbs of Wellington have finally got themselves a little slice of skate-turf to covet. The small but super fun Plantation Reserve spot features a Euro-inspired ledge-bank setup with a quarter pipe (modelled off the Newlands tombstone quarter pipe) and a tall bank to parking block. While the original concepts were for an ambitious three-phase park, TETs have meant the first phase is where the buck stops. The council have kindly added the quarter and bank to round the park off and make it more skate friendly.

Joseph Whaanga, frontside nollie. Photo: David Read.

How to get there
If you’re coming from town head through the Mt Vic tunnel. Don’t be scared by the incessant hooting while inside the tunnel, in fact join in and give the horn a mash. Follow the road until you hit a roundabout turning right onto Troy Street, then left onto Salek Street. Take a left onto Coutts Street, then right at the roundabout onto Tirangi Road. Plantation Reserve can be found on your right, just behind the Rongotai College pool. If you’re surfing you’ve gone too far.

Photo: David Read.

Closest Skate Shops
You’re off the beaten track for skate shops unfortunately. If those darkslides have ruined your board then you’d better head back into town where Fusion and Cheapskates are spitting distances from each other on Cuba Street, and Empire is situated a scooter’s throw from the skate park.

Kevin Francis, frontside blunt. Photo: David Read.

Parks Nearby
Island Bay Park is close if you’re looking for something more transition based, and Waitangi Skate Park is on the way if you drive around the bays on the way back into town.

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  1. Joseph Whaanga, frontside nollie. Photo: David Read.
  2. Kevin Francis, frontside blunt. Photo: David Read.