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Posted by Jake Mein on Wednesday September 12 2012

Booty sweat at Rock the Bells. Photo: Rakich.

To the uninitiated the sightseeing map of the average skateboarder must seem like nothing short of a creepy fascination with urban design. Other things like this Rock the Bells-induced booty sweat, most warm blooded folk can fully appreciate. Drop four wraps up the A Dollar Slice blog – there’s more marble appreciation, some well earned beers and the boys say “get the fuck outta here” to the big apple.

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Image Gallery (23 Photos)

  1. There she is in the background. Photo: Mein.
  2. To anyone that has performed a maneuver on these stairs we commend you, they are fucking huge and are located in a sketchy part of the projects. Photo: Rakich.
  3. This thing. Photo: Rakich.
  4. Another famous NYC spot, again anything on this is commendable. Photo: Rakich.
  5. The other side of the Courthouse. Photo: Rakich.
  6. Another Courthouse this time in the Bronx, look out for Darnell. Photo: Rakich.