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PJ Ladd: Just Cruising

Posted by David Read on Friday September 7 2012

I usually make a conscious effort NOT to post videos from offshore based internet shops on here as it goes against everything I believe in – a healthy local industry with people who support brands (big or small, foreign or NZ) sold locally through shops (bricks and mortar or online) with the help of local distributors (who sell imported and local brands and hook up deserving skateboarders). After all these are the people who will create the building blocks of our local scene and enable local up and coming skateboarders to get noticed (on a larger scale than their group of friends), events to be held and a foot up for people who have earnt it. That said we must remember that skateboarding is king. And this clip rules – it merges some legit park footage with some actual street skating. Quartersnacks offered a great perspective on it: “Let this clip be a lesson to all the kids that spent the past summer stuck in a skatepark — you’re supposed to leave at some point and do the tricks you learned at the park on an actual spot. We imagine that it was edited to raise awareness of this largely forgotten principle.” Read more here.

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