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Manual Magazine #47 – Making of the Laser Cut Wood Type

Posted by David Read on Friday September 7 2012

Where would you be without friends?

It all started back in 2008 when Fred Shallcrass created custom titles for issue #31 of Manual Magazine by distorting fonts, moving them on a flat bed scanner as it captured the image. This sparked a long series of hand-crafted designs that have been laboured over during the last four years. Designers Johnny McCormack and Rush Fay brought their perspective and skills to the plate too. Between the three of them they have crafted titles out of burnt paper, custom-made stamps, jelly, ice, flax, old rain jackets, hand cut and folded paper and printing plates to name a few things.

With Manual #47, our Spring 2012 edition, Fred Shallcrass enlisted a few friends and took on the mammoth task of making all the titles out of recycled skateboards. From concept to completion this took roughly a year to get to the point you see in the magazine. Many a favor was called in to make this a reality, so enjoy this little look behind the scenes and please share it with your friends.

Special thanks go out to Sam Palmer for helping with the gluing and trimming of the blocks, Stunts for the laser cutting, Josh Gemmell for helping sand the type blocks and for filming and editing this clip. Also thanks to Maluai Palakua and Harry Luxton for helping with the testing process.

Original Font: Futura Extra Bold Oblique
Additional Filming: David Read