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ALC: Death Dash 2 Teaser

Posted by David Read on Thursday September 6 2012

This is just a taste of the carnage. The full length Death Dash 2 will feature with other assorted chaos in the upcoming ALC Apparel DVD, A Lost Cause.

As a blistering ball of fire fell from the skies behind Hellington’s majestic peaks, another rose from the darkness and the torch was ignited to commence the second ALC Apparel dash of death. Bearing tools of brutality, primed for the slaughter, these thrill thirsty hooligans had an unquenchable appetite for top speed. All in battle-mode-like high spirits, and one man fiending for the gold in bottle form. Rocket fuelled Royce barreled through the bends and gauntlets to take the title, leaving a toxic trail of fumes in his wake. Through the blind corners, attacking oncoming traffic and Sir Spittlehouse’s fierce battle with a parked car, the army, once again, made it through the Death Dash alive. With our blood thirsts quenched, the troop broke down the fortress doors where many a brewski was demolished, and tales of battle were relived. | Adam Kinsman


  1. Royce Geenty says:

    what an awesome day/night!cant wait for the full footage