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Real Skateboards: Actions REALized – Bingo

Posted by David Read on Friday August 17 2012

Another example of why Real is such a dope company. This one’s especially for our handful of followers in the UK, and all the crew who know the wealth of the true skateboarders and relentless scene builders. Before I saw this I’d never heard of Bingo, but wish I had before.

On Feb. 9, 2011, the UK skateboard scene was suddenly faced with the untimely passing of one of it’s most respected skateboarders EVER! Steven ‘Bingo’ Binks. The Actions REALized Bingo board is made to commemorate Bingo’s life , his achievements an what he have to skateboarding. He is gone but will never be forgotten and his memory and effect on skateboarding will live forever.


A portion of the proceeds of this board will be donated to the British Heart Foundation, to help them continue to fight Heart Disease in the UK.

Thank you for your support.

Actions REALized BINGO decks are available at and Select UK skate shops now.