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A Dollar Slice – NYC Blog 01

Posted by Jake Mein on Friday August 17 2012

Beach gets down with a layback boardslide for the westside on an iconic New York spot.

The guys have gone east! Tom Kelly, Beach Thurlow-Meyer, Deen Rakich and Jake Mein (soon to be joined by Casey ‘Duckman’ Foley) have been let loose in NYC. Here’s the firstĀ instalment of their weekly(?) blog. Check out the pics… more soon.

Image Gallery (19 Photos)

  1. Deen and Tom off the last flight after nearly 24 hours of travel.
  2. Eating big.
  3. Mall grabs and umbrellas in Central Park.
  4. Tom recommended this beverage which to be honest tastes like watermelon mixed with gasoline.
  5. Deli sandwiches.


  1. Mark Barber says:

    Better stay outta the Lower East Side with all those West Sides’. Have fun fellas!