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Radvertorial 2

Posted by Connor Hill on Friday August 10 2012

New ads from the ether…

Stevie takes his timeless style to the boulevard and comes back with a star-worthy shoe. Supra presents the S1W.

Andrew Reynolds and Emerica bring you yet another great shoe, this time they’ve teamed up with Shake Junt to bring you the Reynolds 3 X Shake Junt Shoe. Check out Shane Heyl giving a run down of the shoe here.

Boo Johnson is always on the grind. His new Venture ad features the new Nightrun V-Light Truck, and this mental backside overcrook.

Navs fastplants for Indy-pendence.

Silas proves his alround abilities can take him anywhere, from giant ditches to DPS wheel ads. SBN BNBSs for Spitfire.

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