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Billabong Bro Down 2012 Day 1

Posted by Pablo Azocar on Friday August 3 2012

90 competitors from 15 countries took over the Billabong Bro Down Slope-style course at Snow Park NZ today. The course featured two jib features, followed by three jumps (20+, 40+ and 70+) and one last jib feature at the bottom. Kiwis Shelly Gotlieb, Stef Zeestraten and Tim Herbert rode well, qualifying 1st on their own heats. There’s a total of 11 New Zealanders in tomorrow’s semi finals. Here’s a few snaps from Day one.

The weather played around, with the clouds coming in and out all day.

Nuutti Niemela frontside lipslide on the ‘judge’s box’ downbar.

Reflection of Jay Walsh frontside lipslide on the 2nd feature’s downbar.

Current Bro Down champion Roope Tonteri, Cab 900.

Vincent Genannt, backside 540.

Simon Pircher, switch backside 540.

Nuutti Niemela, backside 720.

Kazushige Fujita Sw Bs 540.

Hamish Martin, Cab 540.

Jay Walsh 5050 pole Jam BS Rodeo out on the last feature.

Day 1 Results

Women Slopestyle Finalists & Day 1 Results
1. Shelly Gotlieb (NZL) 53.00pts
2. Rich, Jess (AUS) 52.25pts
3. Walker, Ty (USA) 49.25pts
4. Gyarmati, Panka (HUN) 47.50pts
5. Konz, Elena (SUI) 44.00pts
6. Luxton, Stefi (NZL) 43.75pts
7. Prior, Christy (NZL) 41.00pts
8. Szumovski, Christine (AUT) 36.00pts

Men’s Qualification Ht 1 – Top 11 advance to semis (field increased due to no shows)
1. Zeestraten, Stef (NZL) 82.00pts
2. Walsh, Jay (NZL) 79.50pts
3. Tonteri, Roope (FIN) 78.50pts
4. Farrow, Benji (USA) 78.25pts
5. Kadono, Yuki (JPN) 74.00pts
6. Parrot, Maxence (CAN) 73.75pts
7. Comber, Ben (NZL) 72.50pts
8. Truchon, Antoine (CAN), 68.25pts
9. Genannt, Vincent (GER) 65.50pts
10. Staveley, Cameron (AUS) 64.25pts
11. Kulisek, Matts (CAN) 64.00pts

Men’s Qualification Ht 2 (9 riders advance to semi-final)
1. Lundstrom, Tor (SWE) 77.75pts
2. Thorgren, Sven (SWE) 77.25pts
3. Martin, Hamish (NZL) 72.25pts
4. Roy, Michael (CAN) 72.00pts
5. Tanaka, Yoh (JAP) 71.75pts
6. Catton, Elliot (CAN) 71.25pts
7. Ciccarelli, Michael (CAN) 67.75pts
8. Niemela, Nuutti (FIN) 66.00pts
9. Wood, Nick (AUS) 62.50pts

Junior Girls Final Results (presentation to take place Saturday arvo)
1. Fitch, Alex (AUS) 37.22pts
2. Turnbull, Biba (AUS) 35.50pts
3. Brunton, Fiona (NZL) 16.50pts

Junior Boys Finalists & Day 1 Results
1. Herbet, Tim (NZL) 76.00pts
2. Rayward, JJ (NZL) 72.25pts
3. Nicholson, Tyler (CAN) 71.25pts
4. Humphreys, Asher (USA) 68.50pts
5.  Moran, Silas (USA) 59.75pts
6. Garcia Knight, Carlos (NZL) 55.00pts
7. Gardner, Drayden (USA) 54.25pts
8. Waki, Yahiro (JPN) 46.50pts

The 4-star TTR rated BIllabong Bro Down event offers $30,000 in prize money, and presented by Sony Xperia and supported by Sony, Mountain Dew, Skinny, Von Zipper, Dakine, The Edge, DVS, Snow Park NZ and TTR.

All photos by Pablo Azocar.

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