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New Zealand Security Guard Attacks Skaters and Breaks Board

Posted by David Read on Sunday July 29 2012

This video shows a couple of skaters getting the rough kick out from Eden Park. Trespassing is one thing—and we all know that we walk a fine line in respect to that—but there are good and there are bad ways to deal with such things. As far as the video shows, this situation falls in to the latter.

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  1. omg power trippin fool,hope he gets charged with destroying property,its clowns like him that make us hate security guards,if this had been states he woulda been knocked out…who a fag….

  2. Bradley Hati says:

    Just wow, i can understand wanting to get them off the grounds, but relly?, smashing one of them, not even the owner of the board, and then snapping the deak is just too much. if he just gave the kid is board back it would be sweet, but no, had to show he was a big strong man.. fag!

  3. retarded how he was probably doing damage to the property he was supposed to be protecting by smashing the board against it. I’m guessing he got frustrated he didn’t have the brainpower to win an argument against a kid half his age. Way to go, mate – you’ll get yours.

  4. Its sad because on Youtube everyone seems to support the security, people cant see that there was a way easyer way to get them out like maby asking nicely